Comprehensive Range of Specialities

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The IGEHRC hospitals offer a range of eye care specialties, ranging from cataract to ocular oncology. Patients suffering from complicated ailments are referred by the secondary hospital, vision centres and outreach camps to the tertiary hospital.

Cataract and General Ophthalmology

Cataract is the most common cause of blindness universally and it takes a single surgical procedure to gift the patient his vision. IGEHRC's aim is to cater to the largest volume of patients so that preventable blindness can be cured, using the latest technology available for cataract surgery such as Phaco machines and Foldable lenses that require 2.8 or 3 mm incisions.

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Glaucoma, the second most common cause of blindness universally, is often misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed in the clinic's service area. IGEHRC aims to provide quality clinical care and patient satisfaction using the latest diagnostics such as OCT, Humphrey, Fundus Photography and investigative tools such as Slit lamp, Applanation tonometer, Gonioscope, CCT, HFA and YAG-Laser.


IGEHRC performs corneal as well as cataract and emergency surgeries, and manages postoperative cases. It is fully equipped - using advanced tools such as Slit Lamp, Keratometer and CCT - to perform medical treatment of Cornea-related, Ocular trauma and Ocular surface surgery. The department also provide cost effective, state of art Lasik Surgeries for parmamnent removal of glasses.


IGEHRC is the only hospital in the region that offers full-fledged Paediatric eye care services; not surprising since eye surgeries for children require exceptional expertise and are time-consuming. Another challenging aspect of Paediatric eye care is that, unlike in adults, treatment must be provided immediately because the child's optical system is still forming and delayed treatment can result in permanent eye damage.


IGEHRC uses clearly defined protocols and top-of-the-line facilities for investigative modalities to treat Retina-vitreous cases. Advanced Retina -vitreous surgery is performed in all fields such as Retinal detachment, macular hole surgeries, Sub Retinal Fibrosis Removal among other advanced surgeries. State-of-the-art instruments used by the clinic include 3D OCT, Double frequency YAG laser, Diode laser, Angiography and Videography system, 3D B scan, advanced Retina-vitreous system in the Operation Theatre including and 3D slit lamps and Videography system.

Low Vision Service
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Partial vision loss that cannot be corrected causes a vision impairment known as low vision. A person with low vision has decreased vision (usually defined as less than 6/18), a decreased field of vision (peripheral vision) or both after all possible corrections. People with low vision are not blind and usually retain some useful vision. Low vision care is not a cure; it is about rehabilitation, about helping patients in school and play. IGEHRC has equipped itself with all types of modern low vision devices to ensure that it can help enhance the vision of patients.

ORBIT, Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology Service

This distinct subspecialty deals with management of lid malposition, ptosis, eye tumours which includes tumours of the eyelid and adnexa, ocular surface, intraocular structures and orbit. Eye lid reconstruction, cosmetic blepharoplasty, gold weight implants for facial palsy and scleral spacers for lagophthalmos are other specialised surgeries. This department also handles lacrimal drainage system disorders. IGEHRC has acquired the state-of-the-art Ellmann radiofrequency unit for bloodless incisions and excellent incision healing with almost no scarring. Other complex surgeries such as orbital fracture repair, orbital decompression for thyroid ophthalmology, optic nerve decompression, etc., are performed using the Stryker Oscillating Saw. Botulinum toxin, a wonder drug used in injectable form for cosmetic and functional indications (Hemifacial Spasms and Blepharospasm) is being successfully used. Management of anophthalmic socket by socket reconstruction, implant placement and prosthetic eye are available at IGEHRC.