Making Hygiene a Habit

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Pooja, a YSHG member, from village Bhikipur in Musafirkhana block, and her family were increasingly finding it difficult to deal with the lack on a toilet in the house. For the women of the household, especially, the situation was fraught with dangers such as the possibility of sexual harassment, discomfort and infection. The lack of privacy in open defecation forced them to resort to defecating in the open early in the morning or late at night so that they would not be embarrassed. During their menstrual cycles or when they were ill, it became even more uncomfortable to step out to relieve themselves.

Pooja's brother, Satendra, then decided to have a kaccha toilet constructed near the house, which has brought huge relief to the women. Pooja and her sisters have also adopted the practice of putting their used sanitary pads inside a terracotta pot and burning them. By doing this, they protect the environment while the ash produced, when mixed with soil, nourishes plants and boosts yields.